Lillya Trumpet Technic - revised & augmented

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    Trumpet Technic - revised & augmented

    Divided into four sections, this collegiate level technique book begins with basic skills including lip slurs, single, double and triple tonguing, intervals, coordination (wind, tonguing and finger speed), ornamentation (trills and embellishments), and rhythm studies. Part two focuses on applied music theory with a mixture of instructive text, and examples to play including: major and minor scales, dominant seventh chords, augmented triads, intervals, chromatic and whole tone scales, modes, pentatonicpatterns, diminished and other scales. Part three is entitled "Orchestra and Band Routine" and covers: transposition, and excerpts from the following orchestral and band works: WAGNER: Parsifal; MOZART: Serenade in D; FRANCK: Symphony in D minor; BEETHOVEN: Leonore 2 & 3; TCHAIKOVSKY: Romeo and Juliet Overture; WAGNER: Die Meistersinger; SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 1; MAHLER: Symphony No. 5; SOUSA: Washington Post March; National Fencibles March. Part four is entitled "Recital and Chamber Music Literature" and includes excerpts from: BACH: Brandenburg Concerto No. 2; L. MOZART: Concerto for Clarino in D; HANDEL: The Trumpet Shall Sound, from The Messiah; PURCELL: Sonata for Trumpet and Strings; J. CLARKE: Trumpet Voluntary; HAYDN: Concerto forTrumpet in E-Flat (urtext); PUCCINI: Un Bel Di Vedremo, arranged from Madame Butterfly; R. SCHUMANN: No. 2, from Three Romances; VIDAL: Concertino for Trumpet and Band; C.P.E. Bach: March and Procession (3 trumpets and timpani); ANONYMOUS: Grand Trumpeter March (4 trumpets and timpani).

    Also includes a circle of 5ths chart, transposition chart, glossary of musical terms, tables of progressive tempi and dynamic markings, and a list useful web site addresses. As each topic is covered, Lillya provides lists of references to a variety of helpful supplemental materials such as specific pages of Schlossberg, Arban, Clarke, McGregor and many more advanced studies. 80 pages. -pc

    American trumpeter Clifford Lillya was a renowned public school educator and college professor at the University of Michigan in the mid-late 20th century.

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