Lebedev, Alexander Concertantes Allegro

Tuba Solos w/Piano

  • Lebedev, Alexander

    Concertantes Allegro

    20th Century. Also known as "Concert Allegro" or "Concerto Allegro," this one movement piece has been called "budget Rachmaninov" and is unmistakably Russian in sound. It has clearly defined sections that move between the opening rhythmic theme and more lyrical themes that exploit the pedal range and expressive capability of the bass trombone. --DP Pollard

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    Recorded by:
    Θ - Micah Everett, on Stepping Stones, v.2 - CD 135466
    Θ - Martin McCain, on Trombone Czar - CD 109306
    Θ - Randy Hawes, on Melodrama - CD 045780
    Θ - Denson Paul Pollard, on Up From Below - CD 043352

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