Fetter, David Bass Lines

Bass Trombone Solos - Unaccompanied

  • Fetter, David

    Bass Lines

    Contains four movements, each a popular bass line figure developed into a free standing, "intentionally difficult" work (to paraphrase the composer). The movements are entitled Boogie-Woogie; Spain; Flowing; Rock. Movement 2 is the popular "Spain" as performed by Blair Bollinger of the Philadelphia Orchestra on his CD, Fancy Free.
    Boogie-Woogie exploits a traditional left-hand piano figure, taking it through all keys, like an elaborate warm-up.
    Spain is buil2t upon traditional Spanish scales and rhythms. Flowing is a minimalist challenge requiring concentration, breath control, and stamina, with long flowing patterns, slurs through the middle register, and references to rhythms found in the music of Charles Ives.
    Rock begins and ends as a pounding bass guitar, with a calm, jazz-cello style B section in between.

    Recorded by:
    Θ - Blair Bollinger, on Fancy Free - CD 30644

    (Spain movement by Josh Hollerbach)

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