Vaughan Williams, Ralph Studies in English Folksong (6)

Cello Solos w/Piano

  • Vaughan Williams, Ralph

    Studies in English Folksong (6) [original version]

    20th Century Romantic (1927). Set of six English folksongs set by the composer for cello & piano. Set in the original keys (E minor, Cm/Eb, Dm, D mix, G and Am/C).

    NOTE: As of January 2017, this edition is now published with BOTH Bb treble clef AND concert bass clef solo parts. The printed solo parts are for clarinet, cello or tuba (bass trombone). The solo parts do NOT pull out as expected- they are part of the booklet and are intended to be photocopied for use. They could also be cut out with scissors or a razor blade if desired. Additional solo parts for violin, viola, english horn, alto saxophone & bassoon are available via download from the publisher's website. These latter solo parts are no longer included in printed form with the piano score and must be downloaded.

    (solo sample pages)

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    Θ - Denson Paul Pollard, on Point in Time - CD 55940

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