Bordogni, Marco (Roberts) Bel Canto Studies (43)

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  • Bordogni, Marco (Roberts)

    Bel Canto Studies (43) (Roberts)

    Compiled and edited by Chester Roberts. These transcriptions of Marco Bordogni's Italian vocalises are used for musical training on tuba or bass trombone. The tessitura, ranging from Bb below the staff to roughly top-space Bb, is ideal for tubists seeking to develop range with a musical approach. This same tessitura lies well on the bass trombone, and gives plenty of opportunities for development of valve technique. Printed piano accompaniment volumes are now available (sold separately). See items081644 and 081645. -cdp

    (studies 1, 21 & 42)
    (studies 9, 27 & 31)

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