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    Warm-Up Studies (Hunsberger)

    One of the basics in any trombonist's library, the Remington Warmups define the standard for exercises of this type. Remington taught at the Eastman School of Music for 49 years, until his passing in the early 1970's. He developed these studies during his tenure there, and employed them with all of his students, many of whom have become legends themselves. Basic and progressive in their approach, these Studies cover all the fundamentals including long tones, tonguing, lip slurs, low and high register,flexibility & scale patterns. The book is well annotated by both Emory Remington and Donald Hunsberger, a student of Remington's and a long time conductor of the Eastman Wind Ensemble. The annotations take the form of both question-answer and direct advice. 64 pages. -cdp

    An annotated collection of the famous daily routine developed by The Chief, Emory B.Remington. 63 of the studies used to train some of the worlds finest trombonists. Dr. Hunsberger also includes the text of interviews he conducted with The Chief before his death. Remington talks about his singing style, the correct way to tongue, a concept of sound, flexibility, a legato approach, security in the high register, and relaxation. Also contains 12 diatonic pattern scales, a Sample Routine, and an index. -the publisher

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