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  • Sachs, Michael

    Daily Fundamentals

    Released in 2002, this book by Michael Sachs includes extensive warm-up routine and fundamental exercises. Chapter One is entitled "Warm-Up" and includes exercises relative to: buzzing, long tones, low-mid range intervals, articulation, lip slurs, ClarkeStudies (from Clarke "Technical Studies"), scales, arpeggios, chromatics, broken thirds, octaves, low articulation, descending half-steps, timing drills, note bending, and warm-down exercises. Chapter Two is entitled "Arban Exercises" and contains exercises from Arban's "Complete Conservatory Method" for articulation, lip slurs, grupetto, intervals, and multiple tonguing. Chapter Three is entitled "Solo Repertoire" and includes telescoping interval exercises and excerpts from the Haydn and HummelTrumpet Concertos. 64 pages.

    Michael Sachs is principal trumpet of the Cleveland Orchestra.

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