Pilafian, Sam & Patrick Sheridan Brass Gym, w/Audio

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  • Pilafian, Sam & Patrick Sheridan

    Brass Gym, w/Audio

    This book and CD set is a comprehensive daily routine for brass players by world-renown tubists, Patrick Sheridan and Sam Pilafian. The Brass Gym includes a 100+ page book and 78 minute play-along CD featuring the two authors.

    From the Authors:

    The Brass Gym contains a daily basics routine developed from a synthesis of our experiences from more than 50 combined years of touring as performers and educators throughout the world. The workout consists of exercises that cover comprehensively the basic aspects of wind playing. It can also be used as a warm-up activity as the exercises are ordered in a gentle "ramp up" with demand increasing throughout the workout. You Should Go To The Gym Everyday To Learn To:

    •  Play Without Tension
    •  Buzz With Correct Technique
    •  Play With Smooth Air
    •  Play In The Pedal Register
    •  Balance Rest with Playing
    •  Play With A Soft Touch
    •  Play With Great Flexibility
    •  Slur With Ease
    •  Learn To Do Lip Flips
    •  Extend Your Range

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