Lebedev, Alexander (Ostrander) Concerto in One Movement [Concerto No 1]

Bass Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Lebedev, Alexander (Ostrander)

    Concerto in One Movement [Concerto No 1] (Ostrander)

    20th Century. Same work as the Concerto No 1. Edited by Allen Ostrander from an old original copy he found in the US Library of Congress. Published by Edition Musicus in 1960 as a single edition for either tuba or bass trombone (both instruments use the identical solo part). There are some minor differences between this edition and the later, more authentic 1980 revision as published by Friederich Hofmeister. Differences include: (1) m.23 low Ab instead of low Cb; (2) m.54-56 16th note duples instead oftriplets; (3) m.110 16th note duples instead of 16th note triplet; (4) m.119 has a septuplet on beat four instead of a 32nd note run. The most obvious difference in the piano part is the omission of a 4 bar introduction present in the later Hofmeister edition (authenticity uncertain). There are several ritardandos present in the more technically demanding areas that have been added. Other differences include various articulations, slurs, etc. Most of the edits appear to have been made in an effort to simplify the technical aspects of the work for performance on bass trombone, something the editor thought was necessary at the time he was preparing the edition in 1960. There is no orchestral set available for this edition. However, there is an orchestral set available as a rental for the Hofmeister edition mentioned above. -cdp

    Recorded by:
    Θ - Armin Bachman, on Fantastic - CD 30111
    Θ - Randy Hawes, on Melodrama - CD 45780
    Θ - Jos Jansen, on Blue Topaz - CD 37445
    Θ - Stefan Schulz, on Berlin Recital - CD 82979 (as Concerto No 1)
    Θ - Ben Van Dijk, on First Song - CD 47683

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