Korg TM60 Electronic Tuner/Metronome Combo - black


  • Korg TM60

    Electronic Tuner/Metronome Combo - black

    Tuning and rhythm training are indispensable for brass band or orchestral practice. In addition to letting you use the tuner and metronome simultaneously, the Korg TM-60 features a display that's approximately 1.3 times larger than the previous model (the TM-50), allowing easy viewing even when the unit is placed on your music stand, and also allowing the tuner and metronome functions to both be viewed simultaneously.

    No longer will you have to switch between functions; you'll be able to use practicing techniques that are idiomatic to orchestral instruments, such as keeping a consistent pitch over the course of a long note while varying the tone to add vibrato in timewith the tempo, or checking the pitch of chords while using the metronome.

    The enlarged display is backlit. You can adjust the brightness in two levels, soft or auto, ensuring stress-free tuning even when you're on a dimly lit stage or in an orchestra pit. The circuitry has been redesigned to achieve a battery life of 130 hours, approximately double that of the previous TM-50 model (tuner in use, backlight off). There's no need to worry about the remaining battery life even during extended practices or performances. - the manufacturer

    Customers report that this tuner works very well with low tones - including bass trombone and tuba pedal tones.

    Korg Tuner/Metronome Combo - black

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