Remington, Emory (Hunsberger) Warm-Up Studies [2nd edition]

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  • Remington, Emory (Hunsberger)

    Warm-Up Studies [2nd edition] (Hunsberger)

    Revised and expanded, the second edition of The Remington Warm-Ups provides even more examples, exercises, and useful information than the first edition published in 1980, which is recognized as an essential pedagogical trombone text. This annotated collection of the famous daily routine developed by Emory Remington, The Chief, includes 64 of the studies used to train some of the world's finest trombonists. Donald Hunsberger also includes the text of interviews he conducted with The Chief before hisdeath in 1971. In those interviews, Remington describes his singing style, the correct way to tongue, a concept of sound, flexibility, a legato approach, security in the high register, and relaxation. The second edition includes:

    •  Expanded profile of Emory Remington, "The Chief"
    •  Photo essay of Emory Remington
    •  Index of teaching points
    •  Progressive order of exercises accompanied by revised supporting text
    •  Urtext-style index of studies
    •  Table of contents

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