Van Dijk Ben's Basics - for Bass/Tenor w/F Attachment

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    Ben's Basics - for Bass/Tenor w/F Attachment

    By Ben Van Dijk (aka Van Dike), bass trombonist of the Concertgebow Orchestra. Bens Basics is a comprehensive volume for trombone, bass trombone, euphonium & tuba players. In Ben's own words, "This book is a combination of ideas which have helped me tocome to where I am right now. They also have proven to be of value to many of my students. During many of my master-classes I have given in the past years, students and colleagues have asked me to write down my ideas and bundle them into a book. The bookincludes breathing exercises, daily routines, warm-ups, and general tips all leading to what I call 'a vocal-relaxed way of playing your instrument.' Well here it is and have fun!"
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