Blume, Oskar (Fink) Studies (36) for Trombone w/F Attachment

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  • Blume, Oskar (Fink)

    Studies (36) for Trombone w/F Attachment (Fink)

    A set of 36 technical etudes divided into three sections for intermediate, advanced and "experienced" level players. These are the same etudes as presented in the "36 Studies" book (our item 001580), but in this book they are variously transposed lower to make use of the F attachment. The etudes are in a variety of keys and stress sequential patterns, leaps, scalar work and melodic technique. 45 pages. -cdp

    Thirty-Six Studies for Trombone with F attachment is intended to expose the technical possibilities of trombonists using the F attachment. This book also helps develop and command a complete range of the trombone. Things will stay interesting and fresh with all the differences in the studies. Aspects explored are variations of articulation, dynamics, nuance, rhythm, tempo and general style. -the publisher

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