Edwards, Brad Simply Singing for Winds

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  • Edwards, Brad

    Simply Singing for Winds [low bass clef]

    For bass trombone or tuba. Subtitled "A Wellspring of Melodies for Building Tone & Technique." The melodies in this book are provided for musicians to use as they see fit. The book is both a "method book" and a "fun book" of tunes to play just for, well,the fun of it. The first section, Building a Foundation, is designed to be played in sequence. It is the most like a method. It is followed by three more sections entitled Singing Smoothly, Singing with Style, and Fiddling Around. The tunes in these later sections generally progress from simple to complex and are meant more for browsing than study. Most of the Smoothly tunes are for solo, but some are designed as duets as well. Many of the melodies in the book are drawn from existing folk songs, changed as needed to meet the needs of the collection. The final section is a collection of 16 fiddle tunes, most traditional and some newly composed. 115 pages.
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