Telemann, Georg Philipp (Raph) Fantasies (12)

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  • Telemann, Georg Philipp (Raph)

    Fantasies (12) (Raph)

    Baroque. This collection holds a place in the literature alongside the Bach Cello Suites. Like the Bach suites, they represent a major composer's contribution to the literature of a solo instrument and are a valuable resource for study and performance. Unlike the Bach suites, these fantasies are composed for a wind instrument and thereby require little compromise on the part of the trombonist. Phrase-breathing is an inherent part of their construction, while double-stops are not. Seven of the Fantasiesare in bass clef, five are in tenor clef. All are playable on the tenor trombone or euphonium, although some of them favor the lower register and will sound well on the bass trombone or a good 4-valve compensating euphonium.

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    Recorded by:
    Θ - Stanley Clark, on Contrasts - CD 34595 (Fantasy in Dm only)

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