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  • Grondahl, Launy


    20th Century (1924). Launy Grondahl (1886-1960). This work has become one of the most popular and important components of the trombone literature. In three movements: I - Moderato assai ma molto maestoso; II - Quasi una Leggenda (Andante Grave); III - Finale (Maestoso, then Allegretto Scherzando). Hallmarks of this work include a passionate first movement with a memorable opening passage (see example); a beautiful, lyrical middle movement and an intense finale. An F attachment is not required, though if one is not used, a fleeting low Eb and the final note of the middle movement (low Db) will have to be faked or played up an octave. Uses both tenor and bass clef. Piano reduction. Orchestral materials available for rental from the publisher. 1992 revision. Danish import. Sheet Music.

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    Recorded by:
    Θ - Joe Alessi, on Slide Area - CD 024603
    Θ - Massimo La Rosa, on Cantando - CD 083561
    Θ - Christian Lindberg, on Romantic Trombone Concertos - CD 024687
    Θ - Jacques Mauger, on Showcase - CD 080555
    Θ - Branimir Slokar, on Trombone Concertos - CD 025930

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