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Trumpet Studies & Etudes

  • Ponzo, Mark

    Complete Sight Reading Collection

    Includes 132 etudes in progressive order at the easy, intermediate and advanced levels and were composed in order to challenge and refine rhythmic development and accuracy. Written in playable keys and standard meters to help performer focus upon rhythmic and articulation challenges. Advanced etudes incorporate more dynamics, detailed articulations, key signatures up to 4 sharps/flats, changing and asymmetrical meters, and complex rhythms up to 16th and 32nd note combinations. Layout of the notation makes this edition easy to read. Definitely a helpful resource to intermediate and advanced players. 64 pages. Mark Ponzo is Professor of Trumpet at Northern Illinois University and has been a member of the Rochester Philharmonic, Syracuse Symphony, and Mexico City Philharmonic. -pc

    (exercises 1-3)
    (ex. 63 & 64)
    (ex. 129 & 130)

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