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Trumpet Orchestral Excerpts

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    Top 50 Orchestral Excerpts (Norris)

    Subtitled: A detailed guide to playing auditions and performing orchestral excerpts. Contains excerpts & commentary, including suggested equipment, notes on character and performance suggestions for the following major works: BACH Magnificat (trumpets 1.2.3. in D); Christmas Oratorio (solo in D); Bm Mass (solo in D); Suite No 3 (1.2.3. in D); Brandenburg Concerto No 2 (solo in F); BARTOK Concerto for Orchestra (1.2.3. in C); BEETHOVEN Leonore Overtures 2 & 3 (solo in Eb and Bb); Symphony No 9 (1.2. inD); BIZET Carmen (solo in A); BRAHMS Academic Festival Overture (solo in C); Symphony No 2 ( D); COPLAND Outdoor Overture (1. in Bb); DEBUSSY Fetes (1.2.3. in F); La Mer (1. in F); Iberia (1.2. in C); GERSHWIN Concerto in F (solo in Bb); HANDEL Messiah (solo in D); IVES Variations on America (cornet 1.2. in Bb); MAHLER Symphony No 1 (1.2.3. in F), Symphony No 2 (1.-6. in F), Symphony No 3 (posthorn solo) & Symphony No 5 (1. in F); MUSSORGSKY Pictures (Ravel arrangement) (1. in C); PROKOFIEV Lt.Kije (cornet in Bb); RAVEL Piano Concerto in G (1. in C); Bolero (1 in C, 1. in D); Rapsodie Espagnole (1.2.3. in C); Alborada del Grazioso (solo in C); RESPIGHI Pines of Rome (1. in Bb/C); RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Scheherazade (1.2. in Bb/A); Capriccio Espagnole(1.2. in Bb); SCHUMANN Symphony No 2 (1. in C); SHOSTAKOWICH Symphony No 1 (1.2. in Bb); Symphony No 5 (1.2.3. in Bb); Piano Concerto (1. in Bb); SIBELIUS Symphony No 2 (1.2.3. in F); STRAUSS Don Juan (1. in E/F); Ein Heldenleben (1.2.3. in Bb/Eb); Also Sprach Zarathustra (1. in C); Don Quixote (1.2.3. in D/F); Symphonia Domestica (1.2.3. in F/E/C); STRAVINSKY Petrouchka (1. in Bb); Firebird (1.2. in C); TCHAIKOWSKY Symphony No 4 ( F); Capriccio Italien (1. in E/A); Nutcracker (1. in A/Bb); Swan Lake (1. in A); WAGNER Parsifal Prelude (1. in F); Gotterdammerung (1.2.3. in C)

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