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    Compatible Trios - violin (Parrish)

    The 17 masterworks contained in this Compatible String Ensembles collection have been carefully arranged for any combination of string trio. The selections span nearly 200 years and feature works from the baroque, classical, and romantic periods of music. The arrangements are drawn from a variety of sources, including piano solos, chamber works, and symphonies. Each work was selected for its quality, musical interest, and appropriateness in a chamber setting. All pieces in this collection have stood the test of time and are worthy of both study and performance. Arranged specifically for a chamber setting, the trios may be performed at recitals, contests, weddings, and social events. The various moods created through these works will work for any setting. -the publisher

    Published in score form. Each book has three lines for three of the same instruments, and each book can be combined with any of the other books in this series (items 129649 thru 129652) for mixed string ensembles. -cdp

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