Various (Pine/Hagle) Violin Lullabies w/Audio & PDF accompaniments

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  • Various (Pine/Hagle)

    Violin Lullabies w/Audio & PDF accompaniments (Pine/Hagle)

    Following the birth of her first child, violinist Rachel Barton Pine went looking for a collection of lullabies written for violin and piano. After finding nothing in existence, she set about gathering sheet music and recording her own versions with pianist Matthew Hagle.

    This new collection celebrates the beauty of new life and parenthood with familiar tunes and new discoveries by composers such as Brahms, Ravel, Faur‚, and Gershwin. Meticulously edited, these are short and elegant while remaining compositionally sophisticated, perfect for intermediate or advanced violinists. As an additional resource, the collection contains downloadable piano accompaniments and tracks performed by Matthew Hagle. -the publisher

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