Boel, Mer Wild One! & Other Fiddle Tunes

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  • Boel, Mer

    Wild One! & Other Fiddle Tunes

    This is a collection of 38 jigs, reels, waltzes, marches, and other tunes written by Mary/Mer Pantaleoni Boel. All tunes include melody and chords in typeset notation, and many of the pieces have harmony lines composed. At the back of the book is a spectacular three pages of two-note chords for violins to use in accompanying fiddle tunes. The whole book is spiral bound for playing pleasure.

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    Includes: All at Once; Awaken Ye Buds of Spring; Brenda's Dance; Cascading Dawn; The Catskills Reel; Dancing with God; Into the Light; Jim Murphy's Reel; Joy's Earth Dance; Lighten My Load; Lucky Chance; The Merry Idol; Mt. Pleasant Hambo; October Pear; Once Again Waltz; Opening; Polska for David Kaynor; Rocky Times; Roly-Poly; The Rugged Pony; Silence Waltz; So Fancy Reel; Spin the Bottle; Spiral Linguini; Suit of Mail; Swedish Slide; That Pheasant Thing; Thunderpoint Solo & Duet; Touch of Fairies; Twisting Jig; Upper Rapids; Up She Rises; The Wild One!; Yampah Spa; Zereal's Dance; Zig Zag Thru Fanny's Garden.

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