Clark Fiddling - The Basics & Beyond, w/Audio

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    Fiddling - The Basics & Beyond, w/Audio

    Fiddling: The Basics & Beyond covers the essentials needed to be a successful fiddler. No matter if you are an experienced player, or a complete beginner, the four versions of each tune will keep you challenged. Each tune has etudes that are specificallywritten to cater to the techniques that will be needed to play every version of that tune. There is also information that is specific to each version that will help you learn faster and understand more. All of this information is specifically geared to building proper playing technique so violinists are welcome! And if that's not enough, there are customized checklists to help you narrow down what's really important to remember while practicing each tune. The best part is that all four versions can be played together so teachers with students at various ability levels can still play together. The CD contains recordings of many of the songs in the book at both a slow and normal tempo. -the publisher
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