Del Aguila, Miguel Charango Capriccioso

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  • Del Aguila, Miguel

    Charango Capriccioso [score & parts]

    Many of Miguel del Aguila's works reflect on South America and its history. Here, his evocation of the charango, a lute-like Andean stringed instrument, plays a central part. The meditative opening section seems to invite us to a remote, pre-Columbian place high in the Andes. A hint of sadness is interrupted by an upbeat Andean-inspired theme introduced by the charango (the piano). This theme gathers momentum and builds in intensity through shifting rhythms and colorful orchestrations. Before the dance flies out of control, the solo cello reappears with the meditative theme as distant bells (also played by the piano) restore the peace. For 2 violins, viola, cello, and piano.
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