Various (Sassmannshaus) Viola Recital Album, v.2 - First Position

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  • Various (Sassmannshaus)

    Viola Recital Album, v.2 - First Position (Sassmannshaus)

    The nine pieces in this second volume of the "Viola Recital Album" augment those appearing in volume 2 of the viola tutor. There the pieces are integrated in ascending order of difficulty, whereas the additional pieces in the "Recital Album" can be handled more freely and inserted at any point for the sake of variety. The volume contains such pieces as Carrie Williams Krogmann's "Rotkehlchens Nachtgesang" ("Robin's nocturne") or Wilhelm Fitzenhagen's "Russisches Lied ohne Worte" ("Russian song without words"). Each piece is accompanied by duo version in which the teacher or an advanced learner can play the second part. There is also a piano part that can be played by the teacher or parents.

    •  New recital pieces for the proven viola tutor
    •  Well-known traditionals
    •  Every piece in first position
    •  Second viola part for duo performance
    •  Piano accompaniment

    All the pieces in the four "Viola Recital Albums" represent welcome additions to the already varied repertoire of Egon Sassmannhaus's viola tutor "Early Start on the Viola".

    •  Fitzenhagen: Russian Song Without Words
    •  Sassmannshaus: Tip Toe
    •  Krogmann: March
    •  Land: My Old Friend John
    •  Krogmann: The Little Prince
    •  Krogmann: The Robin's Lullaby
    •  Traditional: Pop Goes the Weasel
    •  Traditional: Moo-lee-wha
    •  Traditional: Soldier's March

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