Manhasset Voyager AC52 Music Stand, Orchestral - collapsible

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  • Manhasset Voyager AC52

    Music Stand, Orchestral - collapsible

    Designed for the musician demanding portability without sacrificing any Manhasset quality. This highly portable concert style music stand sports the same built-in features that have made Manhasset famous since 1935. Perfect for touring musicians or groups, the Voyager has the same solid, adjustable desk, yet is completely portable. With the Voyager's twist locking mechanism it only takes a second to assemble or remove the desk, meaning there are only two parts to keep track of. Use the Voyager totebag to store and transport the stand (sold separately, see item 054845). The Voyager desk is identical to the Symphony Stand desk (20" wide x 12.5" high). The height of this music stand varies infinitely from 26" to 48" (lip to floor) with a maximum overall height (top of desk to floor) of 60.5 inches. -the manufacturer

    There are quite a few of these portable concert-style music stands on the market these days. The features and advantages/disadvantages are pretty much as you see them on our site. That being said, I prefer my portable stand to be as much like my "real" studio stand as possible. For that reason I use the Manahsset AC52 Voyager (sorry if that sounds like a bad TV commercial!). It uses the same one-piece solid desk and "magic clutch" automatic height adjustment as Manhasset's traditional orchestral stands. While the idea of a folding desk is certainly attractive, I don't care for the horizontal track that results, which makes it more difficult to make clean pencil marks on scores while rehearsing. The same is true of desks that have large circular cutouts to save weight_they make it very difficult to make one-handed pencil marks. Since the AC52 uses the same "magic clutch" shaft as the standard model, there are no additional knobs needed to adjust the height. The desk is mounted with a clutch that is similar though not exactly the same as the concert stand, this due to the fact that the desk has to be easily removable, while also remaining stable when in use. Overall, the main differences are that the desk detaches quickly and the legsfold up, both for easy transport. The stand is fairly stable, and with the bag, easy to carry to and from the gig. The bag is sold separately, and though together the two cost more than some of the imported models, to me the combination is still a good bargain. There is also a set of "stand-out" stand extensions available that will work on any Manhasset steel desk stand, including this one and all their classic orchestral stands. -cdp

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