AcoustaGrip Concert Master Violin/Viola Shoulder Rest

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  • AcoustaGrip Concert Master

    Violin/Viola Shoulder Rest

    Fits 4/4 (full size), 3/4 and most 1/2 size violins & violas. The latest unique design in violin and viola shoulder rests. The AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest attaches easily underneath your instrument and adjusts to the shape of your shoulder. The AcoustaGripincreases volume and overtones by NOT clamping onto the edges. The AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest is different it uses a unique sticking surface. Proper shoulder rests should be able to adjust to the contours of your shoulder. AcoustaGrip's Acoustical materials form to the shape of your shoulder, allowing greater range of motion and wonderful comfort. They give great support for holding your violin with ultimate comfort.

    •  No-Clamps that mute the violin or viola's sound. Clamps stop the vibrations of wood.
    •  Increases the volume of sound, adds better quality with more overtones.
    •  No damage to the finish. Used on rare, 300+ year old instruments with no harm.
    •  Comfortable, ergonomically designed and will not fall off.
    •  Gives a Secure "hold" for the violinist or violist and attaches repeatedly.
    •  Sticks without glue or clamps with no damage to varnish, edges or the back of the instrument.
    •  Fits Easily in the instrument case and prevents the instrument from rattling.
    •  Lessens and diminishes a musician's sores and marks on their chin, neck and collarbone.
    •  Allows constant freedom. No rigid, vice like gripping to the violin.
    •  Made in the USA

    The 2 layer construction of the AcoustaGrip Concert Performer is a key feature. The 1st layer consists of our custom designed and produced acoustical materials, delivering superior sound and extreme comfort. The other layer is unique as it attaches simply with air to the back of your instrument using micro-air technology. Because it attaches with no glues or clamps, AcoustaGrip helps to preserve and protect the quality and condition of your violin or viola. In addition, it sets the violin's position at the most favored angle for sound projection and ease of performance.

    AcoustaGrip Violin/Viola Shoulder Rest

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