Happynex Violin Sling - Full Size, Black

Violin Shoulder/Chin Rests

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    Violin Sling - Full Size, Black

    The HAPPYNEX original violin and viola sling can be used with or without a chin rest or shoulder rest, and can be used to make playing with your current configuration much more comfortable!

    The original Happynex violin/viola sling! Virtually invisible when worn with black concert clothing. This is where most people start, because the black is so versitile.

    Instructions for use:

      (1) Slip one end of the sling under tailpiece. The chin rest can be left in place or can be removed.
      (2) Bring ends of the sling together, and knot securely using an overhand knot.
      (3) Slip your right arm through the sling and then slip the sling over your head.
      (4) Readjust knot, as needed, for a close to the body fit.

    •  Comfortable
    •  Easy to use
    •  Eases Practice Fatigue
    •  Fully adjustable
    •  Compact
    •  Lightweight
    •  Soft and Flexible
    •  Hypoallergenic
    •  Allows for Mobility to Play, Sing, and Dance Around!
    •  And Kids Like It!

    Happynex Violin Sling - Full Size, Black

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