Faure, Gabriel (Kolb/Schilde) Piano Trio in Dm, op 120

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  • Faure, Gabriel (Kolb/Schilde)

    Piano Trio in Dm, op 120 (Kolb/Schilde) [violin, cello, piano]

    20th Century. The idea for this, the penultimate work in Faur‚'s oeuvre, came in 1922 from his publisher Jacques Durand, who had published Ravel'sfamous Piano Trio just a few years earlier. Faur‚ initially did not get beyond sketching the work, and for awhile he considered using a clarinet as an alternative to the violin. Only when he went to spend the summer in Annecy-le-Vieux in Savoy did Faur‚ succeed in writing the Andantino, the unusually extensive, elegiac middle movement of this Trio. The outer movements then followed in Paris the next winter. This late work by Faur‚ is notable for its clear lines and forms and for its balance between the piano andthe string instruments. This Urtext edition is a significant addition to the French chamber music in the Urtext catalogue of G. Henle Publishers. -the publisher
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