Mendelssohn, Felix (Eisenstein) Piano Trios (2) in D & Cm, opp 49 & 66

Piano Trios

  • Mendelssohn, Felix (Eisenstein)

    Piano Trios (2) in D & Cm, opp 49 & 66 (Eisenstein) [Music Minus One Violin]

    Romantic. Violin Music Minus One (violin part is omitted for you to play). As might be expected from this master composer and pianist, Mendelssohn's D-minor trio is graceful and pianistic, the piano part integrated well with the beautiful violin and cello parts. This is without a doubt one of the high-points in Romantic chamber music. Mendelssohn's second piano trio is, like its predecessor, extremely well-balanced among the three instruments. This C-minor masterpiece is a model in compositionalform, and a joy to perform. Includes a complete, high-quality printed solo part; and two compact discs containing a complete reference recording of each trio with soloist; and another recording featuring accompaniments only, minus you, the soloist. Performed by Ida Bieler, violin. Accompaniment: Classic Piano Trio: Alan Shulman, violoncello; Edwin Hymovitz, piano -the publisher
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