Various (Jungnickel/Chase) Rediscovered Works for Violin, Cello & Piano

Piano Trios

  • Various (Jungnickel/Chase)

    Rediscovered Works for Violin, Cello & Piano (Jungnickel/Chase)

    This unique compilation of piano trios features 15 popular chamber works suitable for practice, performance, conservatory use, and special functions. It includes separate inserts for cello and violin parts and a 96-page piano reduction. Titles:
    •  S‚r‚nade (Charles-Marie Widor)
    •  Four Bavarian Waltzes, Op. 20 (Ernst Frank)
    •  Intermezzo, "Forget-me-no", Op. 22 (Allan Macbeth)
    •  Serenade (Hermann Kotzschmar)
    •  Kamenoi Ostrow "Cloister Scene", Op. 10, No. 22 (Arthur Rubinstein)
    •  Prelude to Act III of Kunihild (Cyrill Kistler)
    •  Largo from Xerxes (George Frideric Handel)
    •  Meditation "Ave Maria" (Johann Sebastian Bach/Charles Gounod)
    •  Danse Macabre, Op. 40 (Camille Saint-Sa‰ns)
    •  Love Song "Stances" (Ange Fl‚gier)
    •  Slavonic Dance, Op. 72, No. 8 (Antonˇn Dvor k)
    •  Prize Song from Die Meistersinger (Richard Wagner/August Wilhelmj)
    •  Pastel-Menuet (Henn Paradis)
    •  Reverie "Extase" (Louis Ganne)
    •  Pas des Amphores, Op. 37 (C‚cile Chaminade)
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