Suk, Josef (Nouza) Piano Quartet in Am, op 1

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  • Suk, Josef (Nouza)

    Piano Quartet in Am, op 1 (Nouza)

    Romantic. For violin, viola, cello & piano. Josef Suk's piano quartet (1874-1935) quickly became a standard work, not least as a result of the extensive concerts given by the Bohemian Quartet, in which Suk was second violinist. This is however the first scholarly-critical edition of this work. It is based largely on a revision of the first edition which contains Suk's alterations of 1914 and appeared in 1924, on the first copy as well as on newly discovered copies of the parts. Valuable information has also been extracted from the printed parts as the original copies are now no longer extant. -the publisher

    •  First scholarly-critical edition
    •  Preface (Cz/Eng/Ger) and critical commentary (Eng) by the editor
    •  Standard work of Czech music

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