Various (Bruggaier) Cello (Phil)Vielharmonie, v.1

Cello Quartets (4 Cellos)

  • Various (Bruggaier)

    Cello (Phil)Vielharmonie, v.1 (Bruggaier)

    With Roswitha Bruggaier, the cello is always in the spotlight - and not just one! Her arrangements of highlights from five centuries are always for four and five parts, and hand-tailored to the instrument she loves. The book offers something from every taste and in every style: from Renaissance dances to elegant pieces from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras, and from the Jungle Book to the Comedian Harmonists. The level of difficulty is graded, which thus also gives beginners a chance to join inthe music-making. All the pieces have been taken on a "test run" in the classroom and recital hall: Bruggaier's own ensemble "Dr. Hoch's Philharmonische Cellisten" has celebrated major triumphs with the "Cello-Phil-Vielharmonie." Also worth noting is that the number of musicians is always variable; even 20 cello students can band together to play these pieces with a truly "philharmonic" sound! -the publisher
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