Denis Wick DWA9006 Tuner, Brass Instrument Clip-On

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  • Denis Wick DWA9006

    Tuner, Brass Instrument Clip-On

    The Denis Wick clip-on tuner for brass instruments - a practical aid for the most accurate tuning. This tuner has been specially optimised to work with brass instruments, and is not to be confused with guitar-type clip-on tuners. Transposes for Bb and Ebflat band instruments and for F horns and D trumpets. The ideal tuning for aid for students and professionals, it is perfect for the intonation training necessary for the development of a good ear. Simply clip it on to the instrument for fast and accurate pitch readings. Also works for all types of saxophone. - the manufacturer

    •  Tunes to A=440
    •  Brightly lit LCD display
    •  Automatically displays note name
    •  Transposes at the touch of a button
    •  Transposition to D,Eb,F and Bb.
    •  Screen tilts to any angle
    •  Very solid construction
    •  Automatically turns off if not used
    •  Accurately measures to 100th of a semitone

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