Hoover, Katherine String Quartet No 2 - The Knot

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  • Hoover, Katherine

    String Quartet No 2 - The Knot

    This string quartet is just as mysterious to me as my first one was, though it is quite different in its overall ethos. The first movement is slow, with a rather quiet, compressed feeling, followed by a fast movement, whose lyrical sections are combined with a constant undercurrent of motion. The third movement is an experiment; nearly all of it is played on open strings, and its feeling is expansive. In the last, rather intense movement I have returned to material of the first two movements-it moves forward precipitously until it gets caught in a knot; then there is a fairly graphic depiction of shaking, and pulling at strings to undo the knot. Later it gets caught again, but the second knot is untied in a much different way. --Katherine Hoover, composer.

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