Suzuki, Shinichi (Kataoka) Piano School, v. 2 - CD only

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  • Suzuki, Shinichi (Kataoka)

    Piano School, v. 2 - CD only (Kataoka)

    This companion CD to Suzuki Piano School Volume 2 was recorded by Haruko Kataoka, a co-founder--along with Dr. Suzuki and his sister-in-law, Shizuko Suzuki--of the Suzuki Piano Method. During her time as the accompanist for Dr. Suzuki's violin classes atthe Talent Education Research Institute, she began to research piano pedagogy according to Dr. Suzuki's method of teaching the violin. From that time onward, she traveled extensively training teachers and teaching students. In addition to her training seminars in Matsumoto, Japan, she provided training at universities in North America, Europe and Australia. -the publisher
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