Clark, Frances Keyboard Musician for the Adult Beginner

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  • Clark, Frances

    Keyboard Musician for the Adult Beginner

    Here is a complete repertoire and textbook for the older or adult beginner. Starting with material appropriate for the first lesson, it moves rapidly through discoveries, music and activities equivalent to The Music Tree and Levels 1 and 2. On completingthe book, the student is ready for Level 3 of the Clark Library. The book provides quantities of music, all of it selected or composed to appeal to the older student -- Studies (introducing each of 65 new subjects), Repertoire (155 solos and duets), Accompanying and Transposing (62 melodies to accompany and to transpose to all major and minor keys), Sight Reading (107 one-line pieces that review each of the new discoveries and teach sight reading skills). In addition, the 22 units in 208 pages include: Technical Exercises, Rhythm Exercises, Written Work and Improvising. A Glossary at the end defines all new signs and terms introduced throughout the book. -the publisher
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