Bach, Johann Sebastian (Busoni) Goldberg Variations & Other Bach Transcriptions

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  • Bach, Johann Sebastian (Busoni)

    Goldberg Variations & Other Bach Transcriptions (Busoni)

    This volume collects four of the most important keyboard masterpieces by Johann Sebastian Bach_the "Goldberg" Variations, Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue, Fantasia Contrappuntistica, and Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in D Minor_in arrangements by celebrated pianist and composer Ferruccio Busoni for his 1919 Breitkopf & H„rtel edition. Additional features include Busoni's original system of keyboard notation, demonstrated vis-…-vis the Chromatic Fantasy. An important composer in his own right, Busoni ranks among history's most celebrated pianists. His controversial 25-volume edition of transcriptions of Bach's keyboard music includes side-by-side discussions of Bach's music with arrangements by Busoni and his pupil, Egon Petri. Adapted for themodern resources of the grand piano, the transcriptions include plentiful doublings of voices for higher and lower ranges of the keyboard that did not exist on Bach's clavier, in addition to analytical re-shapings of the music itself. This volume marks asignificant collection of rarities that merit greater attention among performers and listeners. -the publisher
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