Hanon, C-L & Aloys Schmitt Hanon & Schmitt: Preparataion for Virtuosity

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  • Hanon, C-L & Aloys Schmitt

    Hanon & Schmitt: Preparataion for Virtuosity

    Technical Exercises for the Development of Strength and Dexterity Aloys Schmitt and Charles-Louis Hanon, Edited by Tom Gerou This edition progressively pairs selections from two classics in piano technique literature, Preparatory Exercises, Op. 16 by Aloys Schmitt and The Virtuoso Pianist, Part 1 by Charles-Louis Hanon. The Opus 16 exercises 133 form an effective introduction to the exercises found in The Virtuoso Pianist, Part 1. Their five-finger patterns fit well under small hands, requiring less stretching of the fingers, and provide a solid foundation necessary forthe technical development found in the Hanon exercises. Both the Schmitt and Hanon exercises progress quite rapidly toward advanced technique, yet most students are introduced to only a small amount of the material. The introductory exercises in this book are best aligned to the student needing a gradual but solid technical foundation. This edition excludes exercises that require stretches beyond the developmental capabilities of students with small hands.
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