Beethoven, Ludwig Van (Reutter/Arnold) Fur Elise, Lustig & Traurig

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  • Beethoven, Ludwig Van (Reutter/Arnold)

    Fur Elise, Lustig & Traurig (Reutter/Arnold)

    Romantic. Fur Elise is not only Beethoven's most famous piano piece, but also one of the most famous musical works of all. This Wiener Urtext Edition presents a new edition for the Beethoven Year 2020, which answers some questions frequently asked by piano teachers and cleanses the score of some unjustified changes of the 20th century. A retouching of the distribution of the notes across the staves, which goes back to Beethoven himself, may even provide new inspiration for the fingering. The edition also contains the small piano piece "Lustig und Traurig" (WoO 54), which is closely related to "Fur Elise" in terms of its technical and musical demands. -the publisher
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