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    This book presents seven piano solos that represent the wonderful variety of compositions by Clara Schumann. The brilliant "Polonaise" was composed and performed by Clara as a child prodigy. The enchanting "Prelude, Op. 16, No. 2", and "Romance, Op. 21. No.2" are both beautiful and suitable for many occasions. The joyful "Mazurka" makes a great recital piece as well as "Scherzo" in C minor.

    "Nocturne in F, Op. 6, No. 2" is one of the most beautifully written nocturnes. Chopin once told Clara that she was the only woman in Germany that could play his music. She may have been inspired to compose this piece after performing many of Chopin's works in her concerts.

    The final piece in this collection of Clara Schumann's Piano Notebook is her "Theme and Variations", which she dedicated to Robert Schumann. Robert composed and published many variations of his own on Clara's theme. Her own variations remained unknown until recently. These variations are very interesting, and the theme is easily recognizable throughout. "Theme and Variations" truly showcases Clara's unique sense of creativity.

    These piano selections are presented as examples of Clara Schumann's legacy-a great composer of the 19th century. Her music is timeless and must be preserved for future generations of pianists. This collection will be valuable for recitals, programs and your own enjoyment.

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