Kreisler, Fritz Kreisler for Piano - 8 Pieces

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  • Kreisler, Fritz

    Kreisler for Piano - 8 Pieces

    To the modern listener, Fritz Kreisler evokes the elegance, romance, and old world charm of the Viennese ballroom, with sweeping cantabile melodies and bubbly arpeggiated passages that delight audiences and players alike. Violinists are already aware of Kreisler's rich, romantic, and crowd-pleasing repertoire for the violin, but he was a prolific composer and transcriber for piano as well.

    Pianists will love to play the sweepingly romantic and melancholy melodies of Liebesleid (Love's Sorrow), just as equally as they will enjoy the effervescent and dramatic Liebesfreud (Love's Joy), transcribed expertly by Rachmaninoff, and so many more lush and romantic stunners! -the publisher

    •  Caprice Viennois (Viennese Caprice)
    •  Liebesfreud (Love's Joy) transcribed by Sergei Rachmaninoff
    •  Liebesleid (Love's Sorrow)
    •  Midnight Bells (Viennese Melody from The Opera Ball by Richard Heuberger)
    •  Miniature Viennese March
    •  Paradise (Viennese Folk Song by Alexander Krakauer)
    •  Petite Valse
    •  Sch”n Rosmarin (Fair Rosmarin)

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