Beethoven, Ludwig Van (Loy/Fountain) Diabelli Variations, op 120

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  • Beethoven, Ludwig Van (Loy/Fountain)

    Diabelli Variations, op 120 (Loy/Fountain)

    Romantic. Beethoven's "33 Variations on a waltz by A. Diabelli," composed between 1819 and 1823, are his most significant contribution to the genre. The notice announcing the publication of the first edition aptly claimed that "These are no variations ofthe usual kind but a great and important masterpiece." The Viennese publisher Anton Diabelli had asked 50 composers to write one variation each on his waltz, for publication in an anthology. But instead, Beethoven used it for a comprehensive exploration of the genre's traditions. This Urtext edition, revised on the basis of the Critical Report of the Beethoven Complete Edition, is a stand-alone edition taken from the volume Variations for Piano II (HN 1269). A detailed preface and commentary provide information on the current state of research. The fingerings are by Ian Fountain. -the publisher
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