Kurtag, Gyorgy Games for Piano, v.9

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  • Kurtag, Gyorgy

    Games for Piano, v.9

    The piano series entitled Games, written from 1973 onwards, was conceived originally as a piano method. Its early volumes introduced children to the basic elements in piano-playing and musical thinking, and, more importantly still, taught them to play music without inhibitions. As the years went by, the view of the series lost its didactic character. It came to be seen as a document from Kurt g's workshop, offering a key to his grander symphonic, chamber and vocal works as well. This change is exemplified in the subtitle Diary entries, personal messages added from the fifth volume onwards. The pieces in the ninth volume date from 1989-2009, except the youthful Apple blossom, written in 1947. The movements, often aphorismic in their briefness, conceal associations with various aspects of European music history. Many of them are hommage or in memoriam pieces, or subjective personal messages to friends, colleagues, beloved family members or students, and thereby to all music-loving people.
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