Arens Piano Misterioso - 28 Magically Easy Pieces

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    Piano Misterioso - 28 Magically Easy Pieces

    ...and here we have a whole collection - Piano Misterioso, in which Barbara Arens gives us mysterious, eerie, dark, exotic pieces for the piano. As in Film music, atmospheric pictures and moods are conjured up. We wander through monastic ruins by moonlight (Ruinae gothicae) or are alone at the piano at 2:30 a.m. - with only one candle lit (Cogita nocturna). Scotland, Ireland, St. Petersburg, Arabia - we have many backdrops for the "Cinema in our Heads".Like the other piano works of Barbara Arens,these 28 pieces are surprisingly easy to play, allowing pianists of all ages to concentrate completely on expression. -the publisher
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