Tcherepnin, Alexander (Olson) Bagatelles, op 5, w/Audio

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  • Tcherepnin, Alexander (Olson)

    Bagatelles, op 5, w/Audio (Olson)

    Alexander Tcherepnin's (1899-1977) Bagatelles are among his finest and most popular keyboard works. The 10 miniatures each span only two to four pages, yet are filled with a variety of mildly contemporary techniques. The more brilliant pieces help to develop a rapid finger technique, while the lyrical works are studies in the balance of melody and accompaniment figures. Lynn Freeman Olson's edition is carefully researched and includes helpful study notes. Nos. 1 and 10 were selected for the Federation Festivals 2011-20. Included is an outstanding CD recording from the Naxos label.
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