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  • Beethoven, Ludwig Van

    Keyboard Essentials

    A collection of Easier Compositions. Contents: Ecossaise, WoO 23; Ecossaise, WoO86; Waltz, WoO 85; Six Laendler, WoO 15; German Dances, WoO 8; Seven Laendler, WoO 11; Twelve German Dances, WoO 13; Six Minuets, WoO 10; Allemande, WoO 81; Waltz, WoO 84; Ecossaises; Minuet in Eb, WoO 82; Contredances, from WoO 14; Twelve Minuets, WoO 7; Contredances; Germans Dances; Piano Piece (Happy and Small), WoO 54; Allegretto, WoO 61; Bagatelle "Fur Elise", WoO 59; Bagatelle, WoO 56; Bagatelle, WoO 60; Eleven Bagatelles, op.119; Six Bagatelles, op.126; Seven Bagatelles, op.33; Bagatelle, WoO 52; Piano Piece, WoO 61a; Song; Gertrude's Dream Waltz; Adieu to the Piano; Rondo, WoO 48; Rondo, WoO 49; Polonaise, op.89; Allegretto, WoO 53; Rondo, op.51 no.1 and no.2; Rondo a Capriccio in Hungarian Style "Rage Over a Lost Penny", op.129; Prelude, WoO 55; Two Preludes, through all major keys, op.39; Andante "Andante Favori", WoO 57; Fantasie, op.77.
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