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    Introduction to Classics to Moderns (Agay) [Music for Millions]

    Original, quality repertoire for the absolute beginner. Includes 40 very easy original keyboard miniatures, the majority of them in five-finger positions.

    Contents: Dudelsack (Unknown) Old German Dance (Praetorius) Curtain Raiser (Turk) Carefree (Turk) Roundelay (Von der Hofe) Echo Dance (Philip Hainhofer) Allemand (Praetorius) Gavotte (Handel) Minuet (Reinagle) Scherzino (Reinagle) Etude Melodique (Martin) Bagatelle (Diabelli) Minuetto (Hook) Duettino (Attwood) Song in Parallel Motion (Kohler) Two Little Inventions (Jan Jakub Ryba) Quadrille (Haydn) Little Suite (Wohlfahrt) Two Little Canons (Spindler) The Wayside Rose (Kohl) Bear Dance (Schumann) Contredanse (Wohlfahrt) Pass in Review (Gurlitt) Evening Song (Chovan) Morning Call (Chovan) Hungarian Play Tune (Bartalus) Canzonetta (Horvath) Russian Dance (Goedicke) Black Key Frolic (Gnessina) Promenade (Gnessina) Ukrainian Folk Tune (Kabalevsky) Little Polka (Kabalevsky) Cradle Song (Kabalevsky) Spring Song (Bartok) Dialogue (Bartok) Fanfare (Agay) Galloping Home (Kalmanoff).

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