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  • Chopin, Frederic (Zimmermann)

    Waltzes (Zimmermann)

    G. Henle URTEXT edition. Chopin revolutionized the etude - but he ennobled the waltz. He spent much time on this genre throughout his life and created a wide spectrum of forms, from virtuosic showpieces - the Grandes Valses Brillantes - to deeply melancholic atmospheric pictures. All these works have one thing in common: one cannot and should not dance to them! Our volume contains all of the waltzes that were published during Chopin's lifetime, or posthumously, including popular masterpieces suchas the so-called "Minute Waltz" (op. 64 no. 1). In cases where two authentic versions of the same waltz have been transmitted, we naturally give the Urtext of both versions. Includes:
    •  Waltz in Eb, op. 18 - Grande Valse Brillante
    •  Waltz in Ab, op. 34/1
    •  Waltz in Am, op. 34/2
    •  Waltz in F, op. 34/3
    •  Waltz in Ab, op. 42
    •  Waltz in Db, op. 64/1 - Minute
    •  Waltz in C#m, op. 64/2
    •  Waltz in Ab, op 64/3
    •  Waltz in Ab, op post 69/1 (two versions)
    •  Waltz in Bm, op post 69/2 (two versions)
    •  Waltz in Gb, op post 70/1 (two versions)
    •  Waltz in Fm, op post 70/2 (two versions)
    •  Waltz in Db, op. post. 70/3
    •  Waltz in Ab, KK IVa,13
    •  Waltz in E, KK IVa,12
    •  Waltz in Em, KK IVa,15
    •  Waltz in Am, KK IVb,11
    •  Waltz in Eb, KK IVb,10
    •  Waltz in Eb, KK IVa,14
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