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    This wonderful book brings together in one superbly produced playing edition all 38 of Scott Joplin's piano rags, including his six collaborations, plus Joplin's own primer on how to play ragtime, the "School of Ragtime." Each rag has been reprinted, along with its sheet-music cover, from the original publisher's edition. - publisher

    Includes: Original Rags; Maple Leaf Rag; Swipesy - Cake Walk; Sunflower Slow Drag; Peachering Rag; Easy Winners - Ragtime Two-Step; Entertainer, The; Breeze from Alabama, A; Elite Syncopations; The Cascades; Fig Leaf Rag; Sugar Cane; Pine Apple Rag; WallStreet Rag; Country Club; Euphonic Sounds; Paragon Rag; Stoptime Rag; Felicity Rag; Kismet Rag; Magnetic Rag; Reflection Rag; Silver Swan Rag ; and more!

    Does not include Solace See item 111784 for a more complete set of rags that does include Solace.

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