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  • Jansen J-4004

    Digital Piano Dolly

    The Jansen Fully Adjustable Digital Dolly J-4004 is a new innovative solution to move your digital piano! Made by Jansen in the USA, this fully adjustable digital piano dolly is one size fits most digital pianos.


    The dolly features tubular steel construction, with a black powder coat finish. Uses double wheel rear casters and two single wheel front casters which lock. Features a 9-1/4" x 15" metal plate designed to support the piano pedals. The dolly raises the piano 1-1/4". Width: 47" to 68". Depth: 15" to 22"

    Some pianos will require an extra deep center plate. This product WILL NOT fit these keyboards without such a plate. Contact us with you model if you have a concern. The stand with special plate raises the cost.

    These will not work with this item 129119: Yamaha - CVP 20, CVP 79a, CVP 94, CVP 105, CVP 203, CVP 207, CVP 208, CVP 210, CVP 307, CVP 405, CVP 407, CVP 409, Suzuki - HP 300.

    Jansen Digital Piano Dolly

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